Privacy Policies

Effective Date February 17, 2022

What We Collect

Picker stores your Slack workspace name, workspace Id, and an authorization token on installation that grants permission to read public and private channel members.

Picker does not save any team member's email address and therefore will not contact you via email.

Installation Permissions

Confirm your identity - Picker uses this permission to verify your account in Slack.

Access information about your channels - Picker uses this permission to read the member Id's in the public channel where /pick was entered. The member Ids are used to randomly choose one member to complete the task. Member Id's are not saved.

Add slash commands - Picker uses this permission to allow the /pick slash command.

Access your workspace's profile information - Picker uses this permission to determine if channel members are online and are not a bot to determine eligibility to be picked.

Send messages as @Picker - Picker uses this permission to completed scheduled picks. If a pick is scheduled for 8 AM every day, then Picker needs the permission to add a message to your channel to indicate who was picked for the task.

Data Retention

To use Picker you are granting access to the data which you agree to provide, upon installation of Picker, as described during the installation process. Picker will use the data granted during install to perform its functions, including, but not limited to, viewing information about the installer, the Slack workspace, the channels and channel members where Picker is used.

Any interaction with Picker, from within Slack, may be logged for monitoring and error handling purposes.

All data will be retained for three years.

You may request a copy of your data from Picker by contacting [email protected]. We will provide an export of your data within 14 days.

You may also request that we remove all of your data from our database, after you uninstall Picker, and contact [email protected]. Include your business' name and Slack instance name, a responsible party's full name, email, and phone number associated with the business. A confirmation will be provided to you within 30 days that your data has been removed from our database.